Eger Journal of American Studies

Utolsó módosítás: 2015. október 09.

The Department has maintained the Eger Journal of American Studies since 1993. Throughout the decades the Journal became an important scholarly forum covering a wide academic panorama spanning over history, literature, civilization, bibliographic and cultural studies by leading scholars of American Studies both at home and abroad .The Eger Journal of American Studies is the only printed scholarly periodical in Hungary focusing exclusively on American Studies.

Accordingly, the Department of American Studies at Eszterházy Károly College welcomes original articles, essays, and book reviews in English by scholars in Hungary and abroad. Manuscripts should be sent to the editor of the Eger Journal of American Studies, Eszterházy Károly Főiskola, Amerikanisztika Tanszék, Eger, Egészségház u. 4, 3300, Hungary and should conform to the latest edition of the MLA Handbook in all matters of style. All manuscripts should be sent to

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