Volume X. (2007)

Utolsó módosítás: 2015. október 13.

Stephanie Bangarth: Migrating Magyars and Canadian Inclusiveness: Responses of the State and Voluntary Organizations to the Hungarian Refugees, 1956–1958
Anna Jakabfi: A Criminal Story Enigma in Canadian Fiction: Rudy Wiebe's The Mad Trapper (1980)
Judit Ágnes Kádár: Archie, Who Are You Fooling, Anyway?— Fluid Narrative and Identity in Armand Garnet Ruffo's Grey Owl: The Mystery of Archibald Belaney (1996).
Krisztina Kodó: Connecting Cultures on the Irish and Canadian Stage
Anna R. Kroutl-Helal: Straight and Gay Encounters in Canada: Sexual Orientation Seen as Losing Significance as New Legal Reality Takes Root
Katalin Kürtösi: Small Communities of Artists Paving the Road to Modernism: Canadian and Hungarian Case Studies
George Melnyk: Urbanity in Postmodern Canadian Cinema: Denys Arcand's Jésus de Montréal
Judit Molnár: Michael Ondaatje's Running to and away from Sri Lanka
Judit Nagy: Cultural Encounters on the Canvas: European Influences on Canadian Landscape Painting 1867–1890
Mária Palla: East Meets West: An Intercultural Reading of Judith Kalman's and Shauna Singh Baldwin's Short Stories
J. Terry Rolfe: Cultural Exchange: Another Canada–US Continental Divide over Liberalism
Péter Szaffkó: Central European Theatre and the Canadian Theatre Review: The First Decade
Éva Zsizsmann: Places and Imagined Communities in Ondaatje's Running in the Family


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